Monday, February 2, 2015


(Scholastic Regional Gold Key)

"Destination Sunset"
(Scholastic Regional Gold Key)

As a kid in elementary, I would only ever spend one sitting on a drawing. By that I mean I would churn out all my energy to work on one drawing while I sat hunched over my little desk in my room, furiously scrubbing the paper with markers, colored pencils or whatever medium at hand. It was exhilarating to make something; to bring to life something that had never existed before. But it was also a half-hopeless struggle. Running up to adults to seek approval, I knew that what I had made fell far from perfection, but I wanted recognition for the hard work. 

I suppose everyone still wants recognition for something, but everyone is quieter about it now. We all seem to wait for people to come up to us and congratulate us for being such wonderful humans. That never happens. 

To a certain extent, we still have to ask for it. This Saturday, I'm going to a Scholastic Arts and Writing regional awards ceremony because I won a few prizes for some of the pieces I entered. Since I don't plan to be an artist full time after high school, going to art award ceremonies is like playing make believe. I can dress up nice and pretend that I've got a name in art or something, all the while getting handed certificates and pins for making "pretty pictures". It's exhilarating. It's like being a kid all over again. 


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