Thursday, April 16, 2015

Analog from the Archives


Digitally Inverted Pinhole


These photos are little treasures worth displaying from the archives. I think the photos have an industrial personality with a soft heart. They remind me of xrays. I made them about a year or so ago and developed them myself. I'm not particularly well versed in analog film and development, but I'm not a complete novice either. This year hasn't been a great one for photography since my AP drawing portfolio (and school, family, hygene, etc.) has eaten up my time. Photography is a medium that is more time consuming than one may think. 

I've got a roll of film in my Canon Olymic that I just finished shooting. And you may ask, why shoot analog at all? While digital may be easier, it's still a hassle. Analog feels like writing with an inky black pen. Certainty flows from fiddling with the irreversible. Also, its just more fun. Playing the waiting game just make the results all the more rewarding. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let Justice Roll Down

"Let Justice Roll Down"

I realize it's been a month since this blog has been updated. Man, has it been a busy month. From AP Art to school to family and holidays to whatever else, I have been trying to juggle it all. My heart longs for time off and for a summer that might give me a break. Then again, there is something sweet about having much to do. I guess I'm just wanting a change in routine and new thoughts in my head. 

My school is currently abuzz due to the art show this tuesday. I'm in a class called Independent Art, so I get a whole table of my own. The night is dedicated to all of the arts so there will also be live music and drama performances. Afterwards, I will try to swing by another school's art show if I have time, since it happens to be on the same night. Tuesday will be great.

A month from now is the deadline to turn in my AP portfolio. I am pleased to say that I am finished with it. Finished! Well, I still have a few details to take care of, but I'm not counting that. The art making process is over. Relief, relief, oh such sweet relief.

The piece above is the last concentration piece (I think). Lot's of different mediums show up in this one; eggshell, foil, book pages, graphite, ink, charcoal.  At first glance, the meaning may not be clear, so I'll give a whack at explaining. I named it "Let Justice Roll Down" to call attention to the justice we need in a racially divided society. The world we are greedily tugging at and shaping is falling apart. We are all pointing fingers and balling our fists. And for what? Can't America get past that slavery is over? Can't we all just accept that humans have no say about what skin they are to inhabit when they are gifted to the earth? Yet we keep our deep seated hatred and bitterness. We are offered a solution. We can love each other. Though love may not have answers to all of our questions, it will help us heal and make us stronger.