Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Order of Triangles

"Fractured Thought"

"Lovely Ladies"

Hurrah for spring and hurrah for spring break! I wake to a glorious morning (uh, afternoon) that makes me throw open my window and break open my portfolio. All year have I been adding work after work to this portfolio. Never have I taken the time to go through it all. Life has been so busy and I have been caught in the web of it. 

So as I was digging through my portfolio I found a few pieces I have nearly forgotten about. The pieces featured in this post are pieces that have been a bit underappreciated. They aren't prizewinners, but I love them. They were made about two years apart, but they belong to each other the way cousins do. Triangles are a quiet obsession of mine. They seem to evoke a feeling of order, importance and clarity. I love using them in my work, but it doesn't happen often. 

I plan to do lots of art during Spring break, including some commission work with an urban theme. I'll post something about its progress later next week.