Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Everything

"In Everything"

This blog has laid dormant a little too long. Last fall, I started college and have since then been swept up in all the machinations that come with being a Biology major. It's left little time for art making or much less being in the art-creating mode. I have let utility take the upper hand to beauty, and I'm trying my best to reverse that. 

What is pictured above is not something I have intentionally made. For Biology 112 Lab, the assignment was to collect bacteria from our environment. I took several samples from different places, but this one was from the air vent in my room. I let it grow in room temperature for about a week. Just as I grabbed all my petri dishes before darting off to lab, this one caught my attention. An eye had grown naturally in the perfect middle of the agar. What are the odds of such organization appearing in such a random sample? I take it as a sign that even the little things matter. God sees all and is present even in the stress of school. He is in everything.