Thursday, April 16, 2015

Analog from the Archives


Digitally Inverted Pinhole


These photos are little treasures worth displaying from the archives. I think the photos have an industrial personality with a soft heart. They remind me of xrays. I made them about a year or so ago and developed them myself. I'm not particularly well versed in analog film and development, but I'm not a complete novice either. This year hasn't been a great one for photography since my AP drawing portfolio (and school, family, hygene, etc.) has eaten up my time. Photography is a medium that is more time consuming than one may think. 

I've got a roll of film in my Canon Olymic that I just finished shooting. And you may ask, why shoot analog at all? While digital may be easier, it's still a hassle. Analog feels like writing with an inky black pen. Certainty flows from fiddling with the irreversible. Also, its just more fun. Playing the waiting game just make the results all the more rewarding. 


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