Saturday, February 28, 2015



"Sans Vase"


Sometimes I forget how easy art should be. Fundamentally, it's color on paper - or canvas, etc. That's it. I say "should be" because I'm always one to overthink art. A planner at heart, I've had to work at being a better improviser. Printmaking is a medium that is pretty mindless and involves lots of improv. It's wonderful because you can use flat-ish objects from anywhere, apply ink, and transfer its impression to paper with the help of some pressure - and viola! It's art. 

"Boardwalk" is a lithograph made with storyboard, and it won silver in Scholastic this year. I'm quite fond of its absurdity. "Sans Vase" and "Textures" were born on the same day. They were made with plantlife snagged from the university gardens across the street from the school I take after school art lessons with. My art teacher assured me the plants would not be missed, and given that she is on good terms with the gardeners, I don't have qualms about it. 

This spring, I plan to utilize the flora and give printmaking another go. Although I am lacking a printing press, I'm going to test how a car would work. After all, its the amount of pressure that counts, right? Until then, I am quite busy with making portfolio pieces in order to make the AP Art deadline. Time is short, but I'm determined to make it.


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