Sunday, December 7, 2014

Modern Inconvenience

"The 24 Hour Day"

"Arrive Faster"


I had a blog once, back in middle school, but it was directionally challenged. A couple of my friends had blogs too, and those same friends consisted of my total readership. Now that I've grown a little older, being a senior in high school and all, I thought I would give it one more go.

I won't make this an autobiographical post, deeming that no one will ever read the first post anyhow. Whoever stumbles upon reading this blog will hopefully care more about the content of what I post rather than my life story. Art is what I do, and it is exposes my character and personality enough.

"Modern Inconvenience" refers to my AP Art portfolio concentration theme that I have come to embrace. The idea is that by trying to solve problems, modern man makes new problems. Those problems are modern inconveniences, or first world problems, in a sense. Living in a first world, it isn't hard to find inspiration. The works above are some that I have completed so far this semester. I will post more of my progress later down the road.


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